About Us
We’re a group of Interdisciplinary Scientists from University College Cork.

Our Project

We're a Science Foundation of Ireland Discover Project in the department of Applied Psychology and the Environmental Research institute in UCC. We want to train and engage with older adults on the themes of nature, technology and wellbeing, against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We would like to provide the following

Our Goals

Develop participatory workshops to identify participants’ personal relationships with nature and wellbeing to co-create and deliver a targeted and beneficial experience.
Train participants in the use of low-cost emerging technologies to record phenological (seasonal) events.

Investigate the link between nature and wellbeing within the community, focusing particularly on the mental health benefits of green spaces.

Meet the team

Dr. Paul Holloway

Department of Geography

Dr. Astrid Wingler

Department of Botany

Ruben de la torre cerro

Department of Geography

Dr. AnnaLisa Setti

Department of Applied Psychology

Dr. Sarah Foley

Department of Applied Psychology

William Stapleton

Department of Applied Psychology

Cork Nature Watch Festival
Join us for a free outdoor festival on July 7th, exploring the links between nature-technology-wellbeing, as part of the Nature Watch Project.
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