Project #1

Native Plants Across the Seasons

Exploring native plants and their changes across the seasons.
December 2021
Nature Watch Participants

As part of ‘NatureWatch: Exploring the Benefits of Nature using Technology’, we asked participants to study and record the bud burst of local flowers, plants and trees.

In this project, you'll find some of our participants' photos of these flora.
The surveying, identification and timing of bud burst can create a stronger connection to nature and provide optimism as spring arrives. It is also an opportunity to find out more about our local flora.

The first sign of leaf formation is the swelling of the buds, before the first leaves become visible during bud break. The leaves then unfold and expand to absorb sunlight and to use the energy from this light to fix CO2 into sugars which fuel further growth of the trees. Bud burst is triggered by the warming spring temperatures and the increasing daylength, but in some species it is also dependent on chilling by cold temperatures during the winter.

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